Cherished memories come in many forms for us at Christmas. This cheery snowman is a friend from long ago; he is as old as my earliest Christmas memory.

He is a symbol of the holiday spirit, as warm as warm as a cup of hot chocolate, as fresh as a frosty morning. It’s just a little Styrofoam snowman from Winns: pipe cleaners, fuzz, felt, pins and glue, with shiny thumbtacks for buttons. But it’s almost like a religious icon.

Mom would shop the five and dime after Christmas for the next season’s decorations and this is one of her heirlooms. Every year I bring him out and it reminds me of all the fun around Christmas time growing up with all my siblings in a small cozy house near the Little Flower Basilica.

As each of us grew up and left home she made sure to give us an old ornament or decoration for our new home to remind us where we came from and to create new memories. We hope your holiday season is filled with such happy memories.

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Al Rendon is San Antonio's photographer. From landmarks to community leaders, Al has photographed the face and heart of San Antonio.