A boil-water notice that the San Antonio Water System put in place as residents coped with frozen and leaking pipes ended Saturday for some in San Antonio. 

SAWS President and CEO Robert Puente said the boil-water notice established Wednesday has been lifted for neighborhoods across much of the north and west parts of San Antonio and likely would end for the remaining areas through Sunday and Monday. 

The utility provides an interactive map for residents to view which areas are no longer under the boil-water notice. 

“Tomorrow, a lot of the southeast section of that map will be lifted, pending the tests, of course,” Puente said. “I do want to emphasize that no shortcuts are taken on these tests. We’re talking about public health – we take that very seriously.”

On Wednesday, SAWS estimated that 30% of its customers had no water service. 

As of Saturday afternoon, water service has been restored in all but about 10% of Bexar County, Punte said. The areas that do not yet have water include parts of the Fair Oaks and the Dominion neighborhoods, and a “tiny little area” on the South Side. 

In the far north Bexar County neighborhoods, water service was interrupted due to power outages that led to frozen pipes. Though water pressure remains low, homes in the lower elevations of those neighborhoods already have water service.

A South Side neighborhood was without water due to a mechanical problem, Puente said. “But that should be resolved this evening.”

Mayor Ron Nirenberg said a combined effort between the City, County, SAWS, and the San Antonio Food Bank has distributed 10,000 cases of water bottles since Friday, and still has on hand 500,000 more cases available to distribute. Here’s where to get water.

During the briefing Saturday evening, Nirenberg also reported that the Texas Department of Transportation has opened all highways, removed barriers, and begun cleanup where gravel was used to de-ice roadways.

In addition, Nirenberg said that Animal Care Services shelters are “very crowded” with stray dogs and cats as a result of the winter storm. “So we’re encouraging fosters and adopters who would like to take one of those pets home, to help care for our pet population, please see our ACS officers,” he said. 

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Shari Biediger

Shari Biediger is the development beat reporter for the San Antonio Report.