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When a company moves locations, it can be an opportunity for change. But when BKD — a national CPA and advisory firm — decided to move their San Antonio branch to a new office at the Fountainhead Tower Building off Interstate 10, they saw it as much more. For them, it was not only a chance to reinvent their space to reflect their innovative services, it was also a fortuitous moment to collaborate with the incredible talent of San Antonio’s local businesses.

What BKD’s Nancy Ozuna, audit partner, and Patricia Quintana-Perron, tax partner, imagined as they spearheaded the project together was a state-of-the-art office that inspired and excited their employees, while also representing their dedication to innovation and their commitment to the city they serve.

“We wanted the office to have a San Antonio feel, and the best way to do that was to plug into our very talented local community,” said Ozuna. “It was very important to us from the beginning.”

Ozuna and Quintana-Perron began tapping their network and making calls, eventually employing local companies like Metropolitan Contracting Company, Texas Wilson, JCK Design, By Design, Parrish & Company, Steel Creations Custom Furniture, AnArte Gallery, and many more.

“It was a really fun experience in getting connected with our vendors because it was almost like instant family,” said Quintana-Perron. “We’d joke and laugh, it was professional but very casual, even when we faced challenges.”

These kinds of connections formed the strong foundation for the collaborative spirit of the project, and the mutual trust that BKD formed with the San Antonio business community led to the creation of a new work environment that was both unique and beautiful.

“It wasn’t just building an office. Some days it felt like we were building a custom home,” explains Nick Wickersham of Metropolitan Contracting Company, the local contractor tasked with bringing BKD’s vision of their new 9th floor office to life. The project required Metro to completely remodel the existing space, including major renovations like gutting previous contracting work as well as the execution of intimate details like leveling the entire floor so the carpet in office spaces and the surface in the main hallway can meet without dividers.

When you enter the new BKD office, the first thing you notice is that you can see the city. The main conference room and its custom 14-foot live edge conference table, designed by Steel Creations, is visible through an entire wall of glass panels, offering an unobstructed view of San Antonio through the immense line of windows on the other side. The welcome lobby has modern, comfortable furniture with a homey feel, featuring a wall of reclaimed wood salvaged from the historic Joske’s building downtown, opposite a rustic wall of brick adorned with the custom BKD logo crafted by JCK Design. As you walk around, the rest of the office is equally impressive.

One unexpected theme that arose through these renovations was the prominence of women in bringing this project to fruition.

“Nancy and I were tapped to help move this process along for our firm, and we were working around contractors in what would be a more male-dominant world, but there were so many strong women,” said Quintana-Perron. She cites Theresa Miller at Transwestern, Jane Feigenbaum at Metro, and Parrish as a few examples, as well as AnArte Gallery — the local gallery BKD sourced most of their new office’s art from — owned by Ana Montoya, who said that this powerful female effort was “wonderful considering everything happening in the world. I think it’s dynamic and it’s so energizing.”

What BKD and all the vendors accomplished together is reflective of the power of the San Antonio community, which BKD greatly values. Although it’s a national firm and the 12th largest in the country, their San Antonio team is dedicated to having a small-town feel and a personal relationship with all of their clients.

“One of the things that excites us about the San Antonio business community is that it appreciates a local feel,” Jon McDowell, Managing Partner at BKD, explained. “We can deliver high level and complex services, we can handle any client’s needs, but the way we deliver those services makes us feel very local.”

Their commitment to clients is encapsulated in the handbook they wrote explaining their unmatched client services, which they give to clients to let them know what to expect when working with BKD, telling them, “This is how we should be serving you, so if we aren’t, let us know that.”

This new space, Quintana-Perron explained, will allow BKD to bring more to the community. The company wanted to build an office that will attract talent from local universities and allow BKD to further connect and help the San Antonio community at large.

The finishing touches of the new BKD space included a selection of artwork from local artists represented by AnArte Gallery.

“It’s wonderful that we have San Antonio supporting local artists and local galleries,” said gallery owner Ana Montoya. Discussing BKD’s successful new office space, Montoya acknowledged the importance of working together locally, saying that it’s imperative that we support each other in this city. And, with projects like BKD’s innovative new office space, it’s clear that we do. “It’s really beautiful that we have that kind of support here,” said Montoya. “Because how do we survive, otherwise?”

BKD celebrated the completion of their new office space with an open house and ribbon-cutting ceremony earlier this month. Their new location is at the Fountainhead Tower Building, 8200 IH 10, Suite 900. Learn more about BKD’s services here.

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