Twenty-one Bexar County residents were added to the COVID-19 death toll on Friday, the highest daily increase in deaths since Feb. 11.

In just the past week, close to 60 COVID-19-related fatalities have been recorded in Bexar County.

And more are likely to come. The local death toll published on the Department of State Health Services website reads 3,834, over 100 more than what the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District has confirmed.

Death certificates are sent to the state first, and Metro Health works to confirm COVID-19 as the cause of death and that the deceased had a current residence in Bexar County.

The delta variant of the coronavirus has ravaged the county since late July and sent hundreds of people, mostly unvaccinated adults, to local hospitals.

On Friday, the local COVID-19 patient census rose by three, to 1,385. That number has hovered above 1,000 for most of August.

After plateauing in June, the local vaccination rate has climbed back up, as the delta surge has tipped some fence-sitters toward getting the jab. Still, it’s unclear how many can be persuaded to get inoculated in the face of rapidly spreading misinformation about the vaccine.

As of this week, about 66% of Bexar County residents ages 12 and older were fully vaccinated.

JJ Velasquez

JJ Velasquez

JJ Velasquez is a columnist at the San Antonio Report. A former reporter and editor at the SA Report, he currently works as a project manager for New York City-based Advance Local.