Billionaire Graham Weston, seeking a lower profile and the ability to move more anonymously through San Antonio, was recently fitted for a series of well-tailored pin-striped suits. Credit: Dimmick Diaries file photo

Graham Weston, the billionaire co-founder of Rackspace, downtown real estate developer, and philanthropist, is taking measures to reduce his public profile and move more anonymously through San Antonio. Close associates say Weston is routinely mobbed by people seeking funding for their business ventures or a no-strings cash handout.

Weston was recently fitted for a series of well-tailored, pin-striped suits that have replaced his well-worn Gap denims and untucked shirt tails. Weston is said to have mastered the Windsor Knot in a lengthy private session at Satel’s on Broadway.

The wardrobe upgrade, friends say, apparently has worked wonders. Weston walked four blocks along East Houston Street on his way to the Frost Bank Tower groundbreaking last week without being stopped and asked for funding by a single software developer. He is seen in the above photo in the company of Tom Frost Jr. and his son, Don Frost, all dressed in similar business suits.

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