The year 2022 gave readers of the San Antonio Report plenty to talk about.

Among the topics that kept readers engaged throughout the year were: new rules for voting, Thomas Jefferson High School’s 90th anniversary, officer-involved shootings and the continuing migrant crisis that included the political stunt that sent unsuspecting asylum-seekers from San Antonio to the East Coast.

Here’s a look at some of the reactions to those stories.

A change in voting rules

Bexar County elections official on state’s new mail-in ballot rules: ‘It’s just ridiculous’” sparked various responses from the San Antonio Report’s Twitter followers.

James McClure (@fadge) posted his take of the development.

“Remember everyone: That 52.5% rejection rate is not a bug, it’s a feature. The law is behaving precisely as its drafters intended.”

The new guidelines didn’t bother sandra paulley (@slphouston).

“So follow the rules. How hard is that?”

While Geneva (@GenevaSmith) gave a shout-out to Bexar County’s election administrator.

“I love Mrs. Callanen!!!”

The battle over the St. Mary’s Strip

The fight over parking on the St. Mary’s Strip spilled over into the feedback section of the commentary written by businessman Aaron Peña, “Amid construction, parking restrictions another blow to St. Mary’s Strip businesses.”

From ThatsMrsLermaToYou:

“The local businesses on the St. Mary’s Strip are very important to our culture. Young home town entrepreneurs thrive in this area. I hope that the local residents can reach a solution that doesn’t make … some of the few non chain places for our people to enjoy and congregate close. I hope it works out for everyone except those who called the cops on the bar I used to work at multiple times a night.”

GTorres offered solutions.

“Here’s an idea. What if in the citys recognition of the fact that these homeowners do take on an extra burden living in this neighborhood when it comes to parking/noise/isolated business patron negligence they offer than some sort of tax reduction incentive for homes affected. In turn maybe businesses carry a burden of an extra tax program that in turn also funds some sort of “micro transit” program or maybe the installation of some public bathroom stations or rest area type facility.”

And Get_Real_Businesses had a message for the businesses.

“Also, welcome to being a business owner. I’m not sure why you expected free parking in my neighborhood, but if parking for your customers doesn’t figure into your business plan, you failed to do one. Not my problem.”

A milestone for the Mustangs

Thomas Jefferson High School in San Antonio celebrated its 90th anniversary, and Ken Rodriguez’s commentary got a lot of attention from alumni on Facebook.

Jim Samsel was among those who shared memories.

“Great school. Diverse and huge. 850 or so in my class of 1973. We were hip, fairly woke, and responsible. Semi-open campus, some dope, no fights. Prettiest girls and coolest dudes. Watched the Watergate Hearings in Government every day. I have dreams from time to time that I still have stuff in my locker.”

It turns out you didn’t have to attend Jefferson to be true to the school, as demonstrated by Jacob Hernández.

“Among the most beautiful high school campuses I’ve ever seen, if not the most beautiful. My aunt went there, and that branch of the family has lived in the area for a long time. I feel honored to have even that tenuous connection to TJHS, and proud that this sublime work of art dwells in my home city. All love to Jeff.”

The border crisis

Among the Report’s continuing coverage of the migrant influx into Texas, “27-year-old migrant says he was paid to help fill Martha’s Vineyard flight” struck a nerve for many readers.

Maverick left this comment on our site.

“Finally!! Now the rest of the USA can try to understand what Border States are having to deal with! Unfortunately, they are not even receiving the overwhelming amounts that these Border cities are dealing with.”

Diogenes had a different take on the situation.

“Paying people in Texas to coax unsuspecting migrants onto a plane bound for Massachusetts is an appalling political prank by a Florida politician desperate to pander to the MAGA crowd. Are Florida taxpayers funding this cruel stunt?”

Officer-involved shooting

In early October, several readers responded with outrage by “SAPD fires its rookie officer who shot, injured 17-year-old,” which was the San Antonio Report’s most-read story in 2022.

Sheer_Insanity posted this comment on our site.

“Fired?! That’s it?!

We should all be terrified that James Brennand is out walking about our city. Seems pretty clear to me that this guy couldn’t WAIT for an opportunity to fire his gun at someone. He’s on the job just a few months and pulls a gun on a KID that has a hamburger in his hands!!”

Osmosis offered a defense of the officer in response.

“The video clearly shows the officer being hit by the car door as the perp attempts to flee. The officer is very fortunate that he wasn’t hurt. “Kids” recently mowed down a 25-year old in a drive-by, so you can’t tell me that his age is a reason not to take a threat seriously.”

Sandra Santos

Sandra Santos

Sandra Santos is audience editor at the San Antonio Report.