Image ©John Branch for the Rivard Report, 2017.

City Council is in the process of finalizing the list of 170 projects included in the $850 million 2017 Municipal Bond, the largest in the city’s history, which will go before voters on May 6.

If approved, neighborhoods across the city will receive badly needed infrastructure upgrades and new construction. But a fully funded bond also would bring historic investment into citywide projects – about 50 – aimed at improving major thoroughfares, neighborhood streets and sidewalks, enhancing parks and green spaces, and investing in the city’s World Heritage sites at the Alamo and the four Spanish-colonial Missions.

City Council members were unanimous in praising the substantial impact the bond will have on San Antonio, but some expressed concerns about how the money will be spent and spread out over the 10 council districts.

“Why is so much of the money going to citywide projects when we really need help in the districts?” Northside Councilman Mike Gallagher (D10) asked in a meeting Wednesday, quoting the concerns of his residents. “Can we shave off any more of the citywide projects?”

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John Branch

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