Ever wondered about the intricacies of City or County government? Have you thought to yourself, “does local government even matter?”

We want to help answer these questions so you may feel more informed and knowledgeable of local government – and hopefully inspired to become more civically engaged. After all, civic engagement helps residents better understand city life, better advocate for their families, and helps strengthen community.

That’s why we need your input. We’re asking you to take part in a coming project we will announce in 2021. The project will provide an overview of City and County governments’ roles and responsibilities, as well as the ways in which you can engage with local government.

The project is still in the design phase, and we want to incorporate questions you might have. The process to share your input is simple.

First, submit a question below. It can be anything you’re wondering about the City and County governments – from the city manager role to public utilities, from school boards to public information. Then, our staff will identify the most-asked questions and incorporate them in our project. We may even reach out if we have a follow-up question or need more information.

Whether you feel well-versed in the operations of local government or don’t know where to begin, your insights and questions are unique. You will guide us as we seek to provide a resource for San Antonio area residents. Thank you in advance for participating.