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There’s much to love about The Crossvine community in Schertz, but it’s the people who make this neighborhood feel like home. We’re lucky that many of our neighbors are friends and family, and that we’re able to share in the big and small events of life, supporting each other while also feeling supported.

My husband and I are teachers at the local junior high school that we both attended as kids. I teach seventh-grade math, and he teaches seventh- and eighth-grade STEM and coding. Having both lived in the San Antonio area since middle school, we decided to stay local when we started our own family.

My husband’s sister piqued our interest in The Crossvine. Her family was looking for a bigger house and wanted to find a neighborhood with custom homes away from the grid roadway system where they resided. We had just had our second child and were also feeling the need for a change. Our families toured the model homes together and walked the beautiful paths, marveling at the pocket parks, landscaping, and lush green spaces. We could clearly envision our children growing up in the neighborhood.

Since moving to The Crossvine over three years ago, many family members have joined us, cultivating a stronger family relationship through the close-knit community. My sister-in-law’s family added her kids, the cousins for my kids to grow up with, and Both sets of parents came over to help with the grandchildren. We also have aunts and an uncle who moved here from California due to the lower cost of living and proximity to family. It’s been amazing seeing so many people find a home within The Crossvine while also bringing the family closer together.  

Aside from family, friends have moved to the community as well, drawn in by our conversations of community and camaraderie. The stories we share are of barbecues in the cul-de-sac, movie screenings in the driveway, water fights between the kids, and so many other small moments shared between households brought together by living at The Crossvine.

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We take advantage of the amenities like the lending libraries, fishing at the pond, the bocce ball courts, and love that Friday nights mean food trucks and activities. It’s common to see family members walk by or ride around the neighborhood on bikes or golf carts.

Our favorite time in the neighborhood is Halloween. It’s so much fun for the kids and adults, and the neighborhood really comes alive on that night. Our family chooses a theme for costumes each year, with past ones including the Nightmare Before Christmas, Harry Potter, and Wreck it Ralph. We really go all out and the kids love it.  Other amazing times in The Crossvine include the events put together by our lifestyle director, Lorrie. She’s the heart of the neighborhood and arranges egg hunts, Mardi Gras celebrations with live music, Christmas parties with elves and Santa, and more.

When COVID-19 hit last year, we, like many, were not sure what to expect. As time went on, we relied on the support of family and friends nearby. Mutual supply sharing ensured everyone’s needs were met, which really solidified the feeling that The Crossvine is more than just a neighborhood.

The walking paths offered a retreat from staying home all the time, and the neighborhood banded together to find ways to keep the kids from climbing the walls. We’d paint rocks to hide and find around the neighborhood, go on “bear hunts” in search of teddy bears that neighbors put in their windows, and kept an eye out for small signs – like shamrocks and hearts to mark holidays we couldn’t celebrate together – showing we were all there for each other, even if we were apart. We all found ways to help each other stay connected and safe.  

The pandemic has continued to challenge everyone, even with the advancements being made and the understandings we’ve gained over the last year. Lorrie has done an amazing job of safely keeping our neighborhood the community we want it to be. Events require sign-ups that limit participation and she’s found ways to stagger involvement so that more residents can participate. Some of our personal favorite events, beyond the virtual cooking classes, include competitive family trivia nights (we won once) and musical bingo. Everyone is making the best of the current situation, and I know our family appreciates all she has done to make this one of the best places to live.  

As a family, we find it important to give back. At the last neighborhood event, the egg hunt, I helped with registration while my husband volunteered with tear down. Our kids also helped pick up trash after the event. We try to instill neighborhood participation, teaching our kids that what you put in is what you get out, and keeping the neighborhood clean is a way to show respect to our community.

And it’s a community we’re proud to be a part of. Our children feel safe and loved here, surrounded by family and friends; and we feel fortunate to be able to provide this positive, nurturing space for them. We’re looking forward to a long stay here at The Crossvine.

Alicia Casiano

Alicia Casiano teaches math at Ray D. Corbett Junior High School in Schertz.

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