Since the San Antonio Report, formerly Rivard Report became a 501(c)(3) in late 2015, our membership totals more than 2,000 individual, business and nonprofit members. Members in our Leadership Circle comprise individuals that have donated $250 or more, nonprofits that have donated $500 or more, and businesses that have donated $1,000 or more.

We offer members of the Leadership Circle exclusive programming and events such as moderated conversations with elected officials and business leaders. Please tell us what kind of events or programming would interest you.

All contributions are tax deductible. Our federal tax ID is 47-4820476.

This list is updated monthly. If you have a question or concern, please email

Individual Leadership Circle Members


Bradley C Barron
Mary Rose Brown
Tim and Annie Swan
Lily and Jeff Johnson
William and Pamela Nelson Harte
Michael Lynd
Cristal Glangchai and Pat Condon
Rick and Kristen Casey
Wayne and Barbara Alexander
Wesley Reed and Joan Williams
Louis Stumberg, Jr.
John and Ruth Agather
Dr. Elizabeth and Robert Lende
Dirk and Annie Elmendorf
Carla and John Brozovich
John Atterbury
Patricia Smothers

Phil and Linda Hardberger
Ted and Katy Flato
Harriet and Robert Dominique
Taddy McAllister
Dennis Karbach
Walter Embrey
Rick and Karin Shaw
Uwe Pontius and Candace Andrews
Carla and John Brozovich
Buddy Morris
Wayne and Ginny Peacock
Randy and Jyl Cain
Mike and Carmel Chapline
Randy Beamer
Joe and Carolyn Labatt
Joe and Lacie Gorder

Thomas and Cindy Stephenson
Antonio Garza and Liz Atkinson-Garza
Tullos Wells
Jacqueline Pugh and J. Scott Luther
Jill and Gardner Peavy
Harvey Najim
William and Marilyn Moll
Wayne and Barbara Alexander
Charles Clines
Frederic and Emory Hamilton
Mark Watson
Susan Negley
Richard and Kathy Schlosber
Bradford Beldon

$250 – $999

BettyAnn Adams
Shawn and John Albert
Shari Albright
Claire Alexander
Demonte Alexander
Anne Alexander
Ezekiel Allen
Molly Amini
Lorraine Anastasio
Janyce Angel
Laura Aplin
Jeff Arndt
David Ash
Martha and Wilbur Avant
Kathy Babb
Mike and Suzie Bacon
Matthew Badders
Bill Badger
Scott J Baird
Phillip Bakke
Helen Ballew
Stacy Barnwell
Elizabeth Barratachea
Charles Bartlett
Julia Bates
Debbie Baxter
John and Courtney Beauchamp
Donovan Becker
Craig and Mary Bell
Walter Belt
Suzanne Benavides
Philip F. and Sarah Benson
Michael Bernard
Lynn Boyd III
Kimberly Bragman
Pat and John Bridwell
Kathryn Brown
Olga Brown
Phyllis and Jamie Browning
Rhonda Broyles
Harry and Alicia Brusenhan Jr
Beverly Bryars
Frank Burney
Gary and Brenda Butler
Dan Butt
Laura Cabanilla
John and Beth Callaghan
Jacquelyn Callanen
Duane Campbell
Antonio and Siomara Cantafio
Juliette Cantu
Margaret Carter
Elizabeth and Drew Cauthorn
Ricardo Cedillo
T. Ruth Chang
William and Elizabeth Chiego
India Chumney
Henry and Mary Alice Cisneros
Merritt Clements
Zachary Cochran
Dorothy Cofield
Joyce Coleman
Bonnie and Charles Conner
Carlos Contreras
Chad Cook
Wendy and Joseph Cook
Rosalyn and Jim Copeland
María-Eugenia Cossio-Ameduri
Charlie and Abbie Cotrell
Paul Covey
William R. Crow, Jr.
Lee and Teri Cusenbary
Elanore and Daniel Decker
Pamela Deegear
Danny DeGuire
Sharon De La Garza
John Dickson
Tom Dobson
Dianne and Hugh Dorsett
Shahrzad Dowlatshahi
Roland DuBay
Sherri Dugas
Sara Dysart
Katia and Vitali Edrenkina
Taylor and Peggy Eighmy
Kia Farhang
Vinsen and Pam Faris
Tim and Gina Farrell
Maria Ferrier
Ken Fine
Rob and Nancy Finney
Sandy Fitzpatrick
Veronica Flores Malagon
John and Wyvonna Folks
Kim Ford
Debbie Forestello
Theresa Fossier
Judi Free
Donald and LouCelia Frost
Paula Furr
David and Alice Gannon
Drea Garza
Marina Alderete Gavito
Barbara Gentry
Betty Gerlach
Pam Gibbons

Lukin Gilliland Jr
Michael Girdley
Steve and Libby Golden
Peter Goldman
Bill Goodman
Nora and Richard Green
Jim Greenwood
Lynn and John Griffin
Coleen Grissom
Patricia and Charles Hale
Hall Hammond
Kay and Randy Harig
Zachary Harris
Melinda and Reid Harrison
Sarah Harte
Bruce Hartman
Margy Heep
Chrissy and Mark Heinkel
Ali Heller
Dean Hendrix
Janis Hetrick
Irby Hightower
Mitch and Judy Hill
Karen Hixon
Don and Karen Hoening
Vivian Holder
Luke Holland
Peter John Holt
Lee and Teri Hospers
A. Ryland Howard
WM Humphreys
Claudia Hura
Jennifer Hussey
Joyce and Gary Hyde
Rosalyn and Jim Jacobs
Mags Jesse
Joseph Johnson
Johnny Clay Johnson
Brenda Vickrey Johnson
Franklin Jones
Michael and Patricia Kalmans
Chuck Katz
Joan Kearl
Elaine Kearney
Edward and Nancy Lee Kelley
Harriet and Harmon Kelley
Ché Kelly
Julie Kenfield
Gemma Kennedy
Carolyn King
Michael and Nita Kiolbassa
Bob and Carolyn Klein
Lynn and John Knaupp
Rosemary Kowalski
Barbara Kyse
Weir and Laura Labatt
David and Ellen Lake
Patti Larsen
Richard Lashway
Barbara Lau
Cappy and Suzy Lawton
Carl and Ann Leafstedt
Ryan Leatherbury
Susan Lee
Lisa Lewis
Pat and John Lewis
Feng Lin
Erin Locati
Gabriel Lopez
Kelly Lyons
Nancy and Jed Maebius
Audrey and Jeffrey Mangold
Shari Mao
Kirk and Ellen Marchand
Antonio and Siomara Marquez Cantafio
Les Maurer
Thomas Mayes
Sara McAndrew
Bob McClane
Richard Morris and Roxi McCloskey Morris
Kenneth McClure
Heather McCreery
Melinda and Reid McFarland
Annabelle McGee
Mark McGrath
LM McManus
Ann McMullan
Connie McNab
Therese Meike
Renee Meriwether
Cathey Meyer
Kay Meyer
Richard Middleton
Leslie Miller
Sam Millsap
John and Sharon Mize
Palmer Moe
Kelly Montgomery
Myfe Moore
Abigail Moore
Michael Moritz
Barbara Moschner
Jessica Munoz
Alex Nava

Warren Keith Neisler
David Newby
Ron Nirenberg
Mike and Karen Novak
Mehmet Oguz
Blake Olson
Tiffany ONeill
William Orr
Michael and Patricia Ozer
Margaret Pace
Tim and Brad Parman
Diana Parrish
Ed Patton
Elizabeth and Eric Pawel
Tom Payton
Lorena Pena
Nora and Richard Peterson
Philip Pfeiffer
Kerry and Chris Quinn
Gary and Joni Raba
William Raba
Carl Raba
Gary and Joni Raba
Daniel Ranch
Kelly Ranson
Valerie Redus
Jim and Katie Reed
Byron Reed
Jim and Katie Reed
Bonnie and Stuart Reed
William Rieck
Deborah Rinks
Clay and Tomás Rivera
Catherine Roberts
Jacqueline Roberts
Sonia Rodriguez
J Scott and Jennifer Rose
Elizabeth and Eric Schlesinger
Bonnie and Stuart Schlossberg
Mickey Schott
Michael Schroeder
Robert Scott
Tim and Brad Seeliger
Steve and Theresa May Seidel
Lyn and Pete Selig
Juan Sepulveda
Don and Leigh Shapleigh
Robert and Nancy Shivers
Eugene Simor
GP Singh
Lanny Sinkin
Clay and Tomás Smith
David Smith
James Smyle
Laura Sohn
Lionel and Kathy Sosa
Melissa Sparks
Marga Speicher
George and Polly Spencer
Don and Leigh Standberg
Kurt Steuck
Patricia Stevens
Ann Stevens
Brian Steward
Wendi Strong
Laurel Stuckey
Miranda and Joshua Sutin
Lynn Swanson
Jennifer Taylor
Stan Tebbe
Patricia Tenner
Clark Terrell
Don Thomas
Jill Torbert
Dale Tremblay
Kenneth Trevett
Zada True-Courage
Kathleen Weir Vale
Lauren Valkenaar
Paul Vance
Julie and Damon Van zandt
Jill Vassar
Bette Vexler
Gerard Villagran
Suzanne Wade
Peggy Walker
Anne Wallace
Sherryl Walsh
Matthew and Katherine Walters
Benjamin Wang
Kay and Tim Watt
Lora and Jim Watts
Courtney Weller
Charlie Weo
Ken Whitt
Penny Wiederhold
Kaye Wilkins
Ken and Stacey Williamson
Kenny and Sharon Wilson
Welcome Wilson, Jr
Peggy Winkler
Rue Wood
V. T. ‘Skip’ Wood
Joan and Richey Wyatt
Dan Yoxall
Mollie Zachry

Nonprofit Leadership Circle Members


San Antonio Area Foundation
Phoenix Charitable Foundation
Texas Biomedical Research Institute

80|20 Foundation
John and Ann Newman Household
The Greehey Family Foundation

$1,000 – $9,999

Bexar County
Darrell and Jodi Kirksey Foundation
Flohr Family Foundation
McGuire Family Foundation
North San Antonio Chamber of Commerce

Real Estate Council of San Antonio
S/M Hixon Family Foundation
San Antonio Youth Literacy
Spurs Give
The Jeremiah Fund

$500 – $999

AIA San Antonio
City Year SA
Hord Foundation
Institute for Leadership in Capital Projects
Jewish Federation of San Antonio
KIPP Texas Public Schools
OPERA San Antonio
San Antonio Housing Authority

San Antonio River Foundation
SOLI Chamber Ensemble
ThriveWell Cancer Foundation
Trinity University Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Trinity University Department of Education
ULI San Antonio
UP Partnership

Business Leadership Circle Members


NuStar Energy
University Health System

UT Health San Antonio

$2,500 – $9,999

CPS Energy
Frost Bank
Pabst Brewing Co
Plains Capital Bank

Silver Eagle Beverages
The Gambrinus Company
University of Texas at San Antonio – UTSA

$1,000 – $2,499

Aguillon & Associates
Bank of San Antonio
Beldon Roofing Company
Bill Miller Bar-B-Q
Centro San Antonio
Charles Martin Wender Real Estate & Investments
Chris Madrid’s and Paloma Blanca Mexican Cuisine
Crucial Communications Group, LLC
Embrey Partners
Guido & Companies Inc
Hill Law Firm
Hunter Stanco Group at Morgan Stanley
Jasmine Engineering
Kopplow Construction

Kruger Carson PLLC
La Familia Cortez Restaurants
Law Office of Carol Bertsch
Overland Partners
Patel Gaines
RK Group
Sendero Wealth Management
Southwest Exteriors
Taylor West Advertising
The Kaufman Group
Twang Partners, LTD
White Conlee Builders