Bird’s Eye View

The map is from – Augustus Koch, Bird’s Eye View of San Antonio Bexar Co. Texas 1886 Looking East. Numbered items show buildings that were there 40 years ago and (in parenthesis) what is there now.

1. Associated Security Advisors downstairs, Apartments upstairs (San Antonio College Parking Lot, corner of Courtland and Main)
2. Winn’s Dime Store (Family Dollar Store)
3. Travis Elementary School (Travis Early College High School)
4. Buddy’s Ize Box (Law Office of LaHood & Butler)
5. Santana Tap Room (Part of Travis Campus)
6. Steak & Egg Café (Main Street Pizza & Pasta)
7. Et Cetera Books (SAC Service, Trade & Industry Center)
8. Great Gatsby Sandwich Shoppe (SAC Service, Trade & Industry Center)
9. L&M Bookstore (Hogwild Records)
10. Luther’s Café, 1970s (Sinkin EcoCentro)
11. Main Ave. Exxon Auto Repair (SAC Parking Lot)
12. Danny’s Beer & Game Parlour (L&M Bookstore)
13. Eckankar Church (Subway Sandwiches)
14. Creighton’s Ice Station (First Credit Company Loans)
15. H-E-B Grocery Store (Tobin Lofts)
16. Orville Carr Associates Inc. Interior Design (Heat Dance Club and Video Lounge)
17. Luther’s Café 1980s (Tobin Lofts)
18. Wet & Wild Private Club (Luther’s Café 2014)